Proximity Sensor 12mm AC NC In Pakistan


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  • Experience seamless automation with the Proximity Sensor 12mm AC NC In Pakistan. This high-performance sensor is designed to detect the presence of objects without physical contact, ensuring efficient and reliable operation. With its 12mm size, it offers compact and versatile installation options in various applications.
  • The Proximity Sensor 12mm AC NC In Pakistan provides exceptional sensitivity and accuracy, delivering precise results every time. Its AC NC (Normally Closed) configuration ensures a secure and stable connection, minimizing false triggers and enhancing overall performance.
  • Equipped with advanced technology, this sensor is ideal for use in industrial automation, machinery, and robotics. Its rugged construction guarantees durability even in harsh environments.
  • Upgrade your automation system with the Proximity Sensor 12mm AC NC In Pakistan and enjoy enhanced efficiency and productivity. Experience the power of reliable detection and unlock a new level of automation excellence.

Sensor 12mm AC NC in Pakistan

Product Name: Inductive Proximity Sensor Switch

Wire Type: AC 2 Wire (Brown, Blue)

Switch Appearance Type: Cylinder Type

Supply Voltage: AC 90-220V

Current Output: 300mA

Detect Object: Iron

Output Type: NPN NC (normally close)

Diameter of Column Sensor: 12mm Diameter

Detecting Distance: 4mm

Cable Length: 1.2m (Approx)

External Material: Plastic, Alloy

Condition: 100% brand new