Temperature Controller STC-100A For Cold/Hot inPakistan


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Temperature Controller STC-100A For Cold/Hot Pakistan
Product: Microcoomputer temperature control switch for cold and hot
Model: STC-100A
Power supply: 200 ~ 240 V AC 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption: less than 3 W
Temperature measurement range: -40C to + 99C
Temperature controlled range: -40C to + 99C
Resolution: 1C
Accuracy: 1C
Relay output capacity: 10A (0.5HP) / 220 V AC
Time delay when sensor error: 1 min
Sensor type: NTC sentor
Security level of the front panel: IP54
Operating temperature: 0C ~ 60C
Storage temperature: -30C ~ + 75C
Relative humidity: + 20% ~ + 85% (without condensate)