JDM11-6H Counter Meter Non Voltage in Pakistan


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JDM11-6H Counter Meter the Right Choice for your Non Voltage 

In the world of electrical measurement, accuracy and reliability are paramount. When it comes to non-voltage applications in Pakistan, the JDM11-6H Counter Meter is a name that stands out. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with a detailed understanding of the JDM11-6H Counter Meter Non Voltage in Pakistan and its applications in non-voltage scenarios.

JDM11-6H Counter Meter Non voltage in Pakistan

          Strong anti-interference performance and easy installation.

  • Clear LED display for accurate counting readings.
  • Wide counting range of 0-999999, stable and reliable counting performance.
  • The counter uses a dedicated chip, 6-digit 0.38-inch LED digital display.
  • Suitable for various signal input counts and can be matched with photoelectric switch, proximity switch, reed switch, micro switch, magnetic switch, solid state component and various relays and switch contacts.